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How to protect your car against hail storm damage


hail damage to vehicles

hail damage to vehicles

Every year violent storms, flooding and large hail storm damage thousands of vehicles in Queensland and northern New South Wales. Many vehicles are ‘written off’ because they are considered uneconomical to repair.

Keeping your car under cover during these events will offer the greatest protection against hail storm damage, however this isn’t always possible or practical. Plan ahead. If a storm is forecast, try to make arrangements to park your vehicle under cover, delay the trip or use alternative modes of transport.

  • If caught in a storm, look for safe shelter. This could include a covered car park, a service station awning, under a bridge etc. Don’t place yourself or others at risk by where you choose to shelter. Also be considerate of property owner’s rights if you shelter on private property.

Safety should always be your first priority

  • Don’t park or shelter under trees due to the dangers of falling branches.
  • Don’t speed up to beat a hail storm. This can lead to a crash – instead look for a safe place to shelter until the storm passes.
  • If caught in a severe storm where visibility is reduced, try to pull well off the road to avoid being hit by other traffic.
  • Turn on lights to increase visibility while driving and use the hazard lights if you are forced to stop at the side of the road. Wherever possible always choose a safe place to stop.
  • Consider where you park. If the area has a history of flooding in extreme weather events, find somewhere else to stop.

Hail covers 

Padded car covers intended to prevent or reduce the damage caused by hail stones are available.

  • The level of protection offered by hail covers will ultimately depend on the type of cover and the size of the hail.
  • Hail covers are unlikely to prevent damage from very large hail however they may reduce the level of damage.
  • As a guide, hail covers can cost from $200 to more than $500. The price will depend on the quality and features of the cover and whether it is custom made for your particular car.

When buying a cover, consider the following

  • Overall quality of the product i.e. fit, stitching, extent and thickness of padding, quality and durability of materials.
  • Covers that don’t have padded sides are unlikely to protect side panels.
  • Check that it has adequate tie-down points to prevent flapping or loss of the cover in high winds.
  • Check the quality of stitching and the durability of the cover as it needs to withstand frequent fitting and gusty winds.
  • Consider the size and weight of the cover. Remember that it needs to be stored when not in use. Storing bulky covers in cars with smaller boot/hatch areas can be a problem.
  • Check that the cover manufacturer warrants the product for UV resistance and manufacturing defects.
  • Choose a cover that best fits the vehicle – too big and it may flap around, too small and it will not fully cover the lower sections of panels.


Protection against hail storms for your car. The Dent Guy - Hail Repair Centre - Sunshine Coast

Protection against hail storms for your car. The Dent Guy – Hail Repair Centre Sunshine Coast

hail damage protection cover.  The Dent Guy - Hail Repair Centre Sunshine Coast. Planet Hail, Kiss Cars, Dent Dynamics

Extreme hail damage protection cover. The Dent Guy – Hail Repair Centre Sunshine Coast
















Hail covers – tips and advice

  • Practice fitting the cover before a storm. It can take a few attempts to get it on the car without too much effort.
  • Avoid dragging the cover over the ground as it may pick up grit that can scratch the car’s paintwork.
  • Avoid dragging the cover on the body paintwork when fitting / removing to prevent dirt / dust on the car causing scratches.
  • Heavy or bulky covers may need more than one person to fit / remove and roll up for storage.
  • Remove covers regularly to allow any moisture to evaporate. Moisture trapped under a cover could induce rust.

Insurance Cover

Ensure your car is properly insured.

  • Repair bills for hail damage can typically exceed $5,000.
  • Even minor damage can take a week or more to repair. More extensive damage that necessitates panel replacement can extend the repair time to several weeks.
  • Up to 25% of storm damaged vehicles are written off because the cost of repairs nears or exceeds the value of the vehicle.
  • Remember that you will still have to pay your basic excess

The Dent Guy – Hail Damage Repair Centre


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Hail damaged van - The Dent Guy, planet hail, kiss cars, dent dynamics

Hail damaged van – The Dent Guy – Sunshine Coast




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The Dent Guy - Hail damage repair centre - Sunshine Coast

The Dent Guy – Hail repair on a mini van

The Dent Guy - Silverado - Hail damsge repair centre - Sunshine Coast, planet Hail, Dent Dynamics, dent out

The Dent Guy – 2011 Chevy Silverado – Hail damge repair – Sunshine Coast

Hail Damged Audi, Sunshine Coast Hail Repair Centre, Sunshine Coast

Value your vehicle guide – Hail Damage Repair

What is the real value of your vehicle with hail damage.
This is a great website if your interested in obtaining a motor vehicles presale values. I think what it’s only a basic guide as their are many other factors that can effect the value of a vehicle.  eg: mileage, existing damage, general condition, accessories.


How does having ‘Hail Damage’ on your vehicle effect it resale price.

Use this RACQ vehicle value guide.

Hail Damged Audi, what is it'd market value now

Hail Damged Audi, what is it’s market value now









This Audi A4 has server hail damage on the whole body of the vehicle. An estimate for a full hail damage repair could be $3500 to $4500. So when using the RACQ vehicle guide I would think that you as a seller would be taking off around $6000 to $7000 off the minimum based vehicle value within the guide range. This covers the buyer for the down time of obtianing quotes and the actual down time on the vehicle whilst being repaired.

So, is the seller better off getting this hail damged vehicle repaired prior to offering it for sale..?

Also having those minor door dents and panel damage can be fixed for not a lot of money. Spending a few hundred dollars may gain you and extra thousand in the final resale price.

Presentation and first impressions are extremely important. Get a no obligation quote on getting that hail damage, minor door dents and dings removal.

Moblie service available on the Sunshine Coast.

This page also offers information on other related topics.

The Dent Guy  –  Hail Damage Repair Specialists

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Another quality ‘Paintless Dent Repair’


Accuragroup Group – Nambour  (Michael Lutje)

The Dent Guy - Accuragroup Nambour

The Dent Guy this week took on what I thought was a fairly straight forward front guard dent on a 2010 Mazda 6 sedan.

The dent was approximately 100mm long and 60mm wide and directly behind the headlight as can be seen in the first photo.

We normally use a 600mm double bend guard rod for these repairs. Access is via the wheel arch as they normally have a plastic inner lining that can be pushed to one side so the 12mm rod can be slip between the too.

Accuragroup Nambour Repair  (1)

To my surprise the guard dent was directly over an internal support brace. It started from directly behind the headlight and extended back approximately 200mm. This covered the entyre dent. The gap between the guard and the brace varied fron 2mm to 4mm.  That’s not a lot of room to get a repair toll into.

The first option for the repair access was via the drivers side door hinge using the longest ‘Whaletail Tool’ (1200mm) known to man. It became a two person job as a hand had to guide the tip of the tool under the brace from within the wheel arch.



The final part of this repair was by using a Wire Hand Tool  which I had to reshape to follow the internal guard contour and finally fitting between the guard and the internal brace.  What a huge job for what should have been a simple repair.



That’s the Paintless Dent Repair industry and the obstacles that we face daily.

The final repair result on this car was quite pleasing. The unsightly dent has been fully removed.

Thanks to Michael from the Accuragroup in Nambour.

“Better Call”, TheDent Guy.

Servicing the Sunshine Coast Hinderland – Nambour, Palmwoods, Landsborough, Beerwah, Yandina, Eumundi


Accuragroup Nambour Repair  (2)