Mobile Car Dent Repairs – Sunshine Coast

Why do so many people put off getting the damage fixed on their car? It’s all about finding the time in our busy lives.

That’s why The Dent Guy – Sunshine Coast can offer you a mobile service by coming to your home, office or business address.

Located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast our mobile service offers the customer convenience and peace of mind about getting that minor car door or panel damage repaired on your car.

Feel free to send a picture of your cars dent that needs repairing, by email or SMS, and you will receive an estimate over the phone; then confirm the price on our arrival.

The Dent Guy - mobile vehicle dent repairs Sunshine Coast

You will be surprised at how inexpensive and convenient it is to have your dents repaired and scratches removed.

The types of dents we repair

We are fully equipped to repair dents in your vehicle made by:

  • Shopping trolleys
  • Door impacts from other parked vehicles
  • Hail damage
  • Minor accidental damage

Convenient local service

Being a mobile onsite paintless dent repair service on the Sunshine Coast means we can come to your home or work and repair dents on your car at your convenience.

In almost all cases we get the job done in just a few hours – if not quicker; and what you’ll expect to pay will be considerably less than any crash repairer or repair shop – guaranteed!

Get The Dent Guy on the job

So don’t worry about dropping the car off somewhere and hoping to get it back the same day.

Save yourself time and money… get The Dent Guy on the job.

Call Ken The Dent Guy 0477 779 401